The Magic Kingdom itself is the setting for the Disney on Ice play, Disney Presents Pixar's The Incredibles in a Magic Kingdom Adventure. The Parr family (the Incredibles) choose to go here after Mother Nature ruins their initial vacation plans with a volcano. One minute into the Main Street Parade (for which the Parrs are made Grand Marshalls), an android replica of Syndrome attacks the resort, kidnaps Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and plans to build "his" own theme park—SyndromeLand—in the resort's place, forcing the Parrs to become the Incredibles and come out of hiding once more. The robot Syndrome imprisons Mickey and Minnie in the Pirates of the Carribean section of the park, but is forced to lock them up in laser prisons instead after the Incredibles (whom he tries to incinerate with a flamethrower) attack "him". When Frozone imprisons the robot Syndrome in ice, Mickey and Minnie are liberated and the resort is restored.

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